Make tracks amongst the stars
Why grow up? Everyone knows that train sets are the type of toy that some kids never grow out of - and we're talking kids well beyond pensionable age here. What is perhaps not quite as well known is that…
Tracks is coming to Xbox One

Launches 14 November 2019 Tracks has been enjoyed by PC players for a while now, and they’ve created some amazing open-world places. Create and explore your world Jotrain-Gamer has created this beautiful landscape (above and below) From stations to cities, from…

Roads and Rivers for Tracks

Tracks gets even more immersive Hello all, This update introduces the first batch of what we’re calling track variants. These work just like the track pieces you’re familiar with but with a bunch of new styles and features. Roads A…

Transport Logs through Washington State!

American Truck Simulator’s latest upcoming 2019 map expansion ‘Washington’ takes you through the scenic northern Washington State, allowing you to service the logging industry (together with farming industry), which will be an important aspect of the in-game economy. If you…

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